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Spitting Out the Demons:

Drama, Thriller

Logline: A Struggling writer on the verge of hitting hit rock bottom makes a deal with a crossroads demon to help him become successful.

Synopsis: A struggling writer who is turned down by publishers, and his wife leaves him, makes a pact with a crossroads demon who gives him the ability to write so that he attracts a massive niche audience for his erotic fantasy novels. His demon novels possess weak minded readers who then commit acts of violence.

Development Stage:

Screenplay Battle Testing


Terrible Things:

Drama, Action, Provac

Logline: A newly divorced clinical doctor moves across the country to start a new life in a rural west coast town only to find himself in the middle of biker gang territory with a BIG secret.

Synopsis: Jordan is a family clinican who recently went through a rough divorce and he shares a young daughter with his ex-wife.

He moves across the country to start over with his practice and soon after he re-establsihes his life in a rural town in Arizona, he finds that his neighbor whom he shares a private driveway with (Girl Next Door Type) is both very attractive and connected with a Biker Gang who he suddenly starts finding himself having run-in's with the Leader of for the perception of Territory.

Development Stage:

Feature Script 60% Complete

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