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Cali ©: Drama, Action, Provac

Logline: Two Brothers fight for their souls after they become entrapped in a Demonic Hotel

Synopsis: Brothers Jack and Ryan work at a Real Estate Investment and Management firm; they are on the verge of closing the deal that will place their firm near the top of the industry, all that needs to happen is for Jack to fly to California to close the deal. 

There are forces at work both internally and externally that are bound to keep Jack from closing the deal and keeping him in a soul-sucking limbo.


The audience will be kept on the edge of their seats wondering what's the real reality and what's fake reality as two storylines weave back and forth.

Development Stage: Writing:

Season 2: Episode 2

Two Weeks Awards (1).png

Two Weeks to Slow the Spread ©:

Drama, Family, Comedy

Logline: Two Weeks to Slow the Spread takes place during the Peak of the COVID-19 pandemic. A couple from Chicago that takes a short sabbatical to Rural Kentucky to evade the virus for what is only supposed to be a couple of weeks.

Synopsis: During the initial peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, a couple from Chicago takes a short sabbatical to Rural Kentucky to evade the virus for what is only supposed to be a couple of weeks. Landon (Zach Meiser) is a native who moved away from the region 20 years ago to seek better opportunities and is now an Executive in a Company that operates Globally and his pregnant wife Tilly (Abi Van Andel) is a city girl who has the expectations of Big City Living and accommodations to match. When the couple find themselves in a rural Kentucky holler where everyone knows each other, their families and personal business, Landon begins to revert back to his youthful tendencies while his wife Tilly is slightly more apprehensive at the idea of staying any longer than they have to with a baby on the way. Right away they meet a local couple Arthur (J. Barrett Cooper) and his wife Beatrice (Lea Beasmore) who starts to make their way into their hearts and home as things are starting off unexpectedly, but not bad. They begin to become more friendly with Arthur and Beatrice; even sharing homemade recipes and planting gardens together. Things seem to be moving along just fine even after the baby arrives as Beatrice helps Tilly tend to her. But things take a turn when the couple come to find they are on opposite sides of the political spectrum and those differences cause the story to take a 180 flip.

Development Stage:

Short Film Completed: Feature Film Adaptable

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